East West Salvage Shop

We are so excited to be organizing another pop up shop on February 7,  2015 with the lovely and talented Nikki Whited of East West Vintage Rentals .  This shop will have a focus of thrifted, vintage, and reclaimed items for you and your home.  Just in time for Valentine's this specially curated event is not to be missed.  Check out some of the vendors that will be there on the East West Pop Up Shop website and in the gallery below.  Don't miss out!

On the Water...

I love the flea market.  LOVE IT.  So when we decided to make a few wooden canoe paddles for our adventures it was the first place we stopped to look for tools.  Quality wood working tools will last a lifetime so finding 20 year old ones are sometimes better than cheap new ones.  

Although we didn't find everything we needed, we did find a few gems.  We also ended up grabbing a spoke shave from Asheville Hardware.  They have a ton of awesome woodworking tools.  We are so excited about this project.  Check back for updates on our progress.

'Merica Y'all

Summer means sunny skies, salt water, lemonade, and 'merica y'all!  We made this shirt with summer in mind.  Perfect for beach days and fourth of July parties.  Available in adult sizes and toddler.  Get yours while supples last in our etsy shop: HOLDFAST